7th Trumpet Clothing (THE 7TH), founded by M. Makism Solomon in 2011, is a streetwear design endeavor born from the love of fashion. Utilizing culture with streetwear philosophies that embody our collection.

Created from the ideology of resurrecting the streetwear fashion culture which has been commercialized by other brands, THE 7TH inspires to be a transcending fashion collective.

M. Makism was born into fashion. At a young age, his mother Sheila, entered him into youth fashion shows and events. Her love for fashion created an obsession within M. Makism to be fashionably alert throughout his life. The grandson and great-grandson of two seamstresses, M. Makism watched both design pieces for family and friends. Although he did not have formal training in design, he continued to focus on starting his own fashion brand.

The 7TH brand was created to showcase his vision and to pay homage to his deceased mother who was killed in an unsolved murder on September 7th, 1979 at the age of 21.
7th Trumpet Clothing is dedicated to the resurrection of her fashion and style at our founder's vantage point.

As we continue to create please appreciate our journey!